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Extech CT20 is an electronic tool for electricians, alarm, cable installers and others who routinely need to check circuits for continuity and also identify cables and wires. It allows a single user to quickly identify and label two wires even when the wire ends are located in different rooms.



  • A bright flashing LED and loud pulsating beeper indicate local continuity
  • Remote continuity – with the use of the remote probe, it does not tie-up two people when identifying and labeling long distance wire/cable runs
  • Flashing remote probe - Two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED probe allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a time for correct labeling with only one trip to the other end location - cuts down on multiple trips back and forth
  • Polarity verification - Drives a 20mA DC current pulse through the wires or cables under test to the bi-color remote probe; This enables the technician to identify each of the wires under test at the other end of the cable run and eliminates the possibility of false high impedance readings
  • Lightweight/Pocketsize - clips on and hangs from the cable under test without falling off

Consisted of: instrument, remote probe, test leads with alligator clips, 9V battery, pouch

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